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Erika Masako Welch

Spiritual Warrior & Podcast Host


rika is a Japanese-Canadian Dubai-transplant that has called this place home for the past 15+ years. She’s an empath, a heart-warrior, community builder, entrepreneur, dog-mum, and eudaimonia practitioner – which she describes as someone that seeks “a life lived meaningfully well”. Erika says she’s been a Spiritual Warrior her entire life; always curious and obsessed about learning more about ourselves, how to interact and relate more authentically with others, all in the name of creating deeper intimacy. 

Erika is a multi-dimensional being (aren’t we all!) – balancing the aliveness of being plugged into the matrix as an entrepreneur and business-woman, while providing safe spaces for her and others to unplug, anchor back into ourselves, and connect into source. She’s studied Neurobiology and Psychology at McGill University, Sustainability and Leadership at the University of Cambridge, and received her Executive MBA from Stanford University. Though admittedly, she says she spent all her spare time at either the assisting in courses that supported graduate students learn how to use design thinking to design a more aligned life and career path, or in non-GSB wellness courses that looked at the intersection of technology and wellness or happiness. She’s also studied with the International School of Temple Arts, and worked with coaches and facilitators from Mystery Schools around the world exploring various types of shamanism, energy work, body work, tantra and sacred sexuality, and opened her mind and heart to journey with plant medicines from around the world.

She’s always been a community builder, serial-connector, and human-first being. Career-wise, she’s taken on various roles from sustainability consultant, emerging market strategist, entrepreneur, investor, advisor, board member, speaker and now podcaster. She’s worked in over 40 countries, and travelled to over 70. She’s an avid hiker, yogi, scuba diver, free diver, and life-long student of the healing arts. She’s a former varsity basketball player, AIESECer, Global Shaper, and human-doing. Today, she’s all about living from a human-being mindset first. 

Erika decided to bring this Podcast to life because she’s met so many divine beings along her healing journey; many of whom she wanted to amplify their voices and their gifts, and share it with the wider community – here in Dubai, and abroad. EnlightenDXB is all about leveling up together in community, in tribe – and she hopes each of these are transmissions that speak to the deepest parts of your soul.