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Episode 3

Uncovering Our Most Authentic Selves with Desire-based Coaching, Shadow Work, and Parts Work with Riké John

About This Episode


rika sits down with one of her favorite IFS (Internal Family Systems) coaches that she’s ever had the pleasure of working with, Riké John. In this episode, Erika and Riké speak into the power of walking the spiritual path and doing the work in sisterhood, shoulder to shoulder, while running a women’s circle together in Dubai. They talk about the importance of empowering each other to become a Queen amongst Queens. They speak into the importance of healing the sister-wound, which requires showing up in our most vulnerable, most authentic and rawest frequencies in each others presence. They geek out on how Shadow Work, IFS Parts Work, and how Desire-Based Coaching can help us heal our darker parts, while staying focused on walking towards the light. Riké shares how she works with all of our inner children and inner parts, how they all show up differently in different people, and how unconditionally loving ourselves is always the answer. Finally, they discuss how Fear often disguises itself as Love, and how we must always be conscious to choose Love over Fear. This is a dynamite session with this Queen amongst Queens; we hope you enjoy it.

Time stamps

00:00 – Intro
02:00 – The Power of Healing in Sisterhood
06:50 – Stepping into Our Full Expression
09:40 – How Authenticity Guards Against Burnout
10:45 – How Doing the Work Brings More Light
14:57 – What is Shadow Work?
18:00 – Desire-based Coaching
20:10 – Parts Work with Internal Family Systems (IFS)
25:00 – Tapping into Our Higher Self
28:00 – How Every Part of Ourselves Makes Sense
34:40 – How Unconditionally Loving Ourselves Allows More Love
36:15 – How Parts Show Up Differently for Everyone
39:05 – We All Must Choose Love over Fear
41:10 – Being a Queen Amongst Queens
43:01 – Is Self-Love the Silver Bullet?
46:01 – Discipline as an Expression of Self-Love
49:00 – How to Start Self-Exploration
51:32 – How Curiosity is a Flavor of Love
52:25 – Connect with Rike

Special Guest Profile


ike is a VITA certified love and relationship coach working with the modalities of Internal Family Systems (IFS), Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and Authentic Relating, infused by her background in Tantra and modern mystery schools. She works with clients from around the world using various methods such as shadow work, embodiment and somatic practices, as well as inner parts work and practical communication tools and processes for couples and individuals. When you meet her, you realize she’s built for this; she provides a safe space for deep healing – as if it’s in her blood. But she’s lived a few lives already, from working in the corporate world, to the startup world, and then spending several years in tantric and sex positive spaces. She is now based in Dubai, working with clients in-person and online, to help them feel the love, connection and joy that they desire.