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Episode 2

The Wisdom found in Nature and our Bodies, Purification and Medicine Journeys with Roos-Veerle Krijnen

About This Episode


sit down with Roos-Veerle Krijnen, a medicine woman and coach that uses the principles of nature as her guide. I’m so grateful to have one of my dearest sisters and friends that have walked this spiritual warrior path with me to talk about everything from the power of radical honesty and meeting each other in the depths, what it means to go through a process of purification, and the lessons nature has for humanity. We feel into what it really means to listen to our bodies, and ask the question: “What if pain were here, not to be managed or silenced, but welcomed as a messenger?” We also speak into how society tends to raise more enslaved minds rather than sovereign independent thinkers, and how important it is to empower and educate ourselves. Especially at a time when dis-ease is ailing modern societies at alarming rates, and how Western and Eastern medicine take different approaches. We also speak into how different it is to do life from masculine energy vs feminine energy, and how it even has played out in our friendship… and how Shamanism and medicine journeys can help us tune deeper into ourselves and see if we are living in alignment with our dharma. We were both so nourished by this conversation, we hope you feel the same!

Time stamps

0:00 – Intro
3:35 – Embodiment & Body Wisdom
7:15 – What it means to listen to your body
8:45 – Detriments of our Fast Paced Culture
14:10 – Principles of Nature to Learn from
18:19 – Purifying Towards Deeper Love
23:45 – How our Bodies Show Us Where our Trauma is
25:00 – What if Pain isn’t Bad or Wrong?
30:28 – Our relationship to Pain Killers
33:33 – Empowering Ourselves
35:47 – Roos on Becoming a Medicine Woman
40:00 – Living from Masculine vs Feminine Energy
47:00 – Creating Your Sacred Union Within
50:35 – Balancing Energies with Another
53:25 – The Medicine in Radical Honesty
56:40 – Why Radical Honesty is so Hard
1:00:00 – The Magic in Magic Mushrooms
1:02:40 – The importance of Ritual in Medicine Journeys
1:04:50 – Sign Up for a Truffle Journey
1:05:50 – Follow Your Attraction!

Special Guest Profile


or over a decade, Roos has been working with the intelligence of the body and facilitating fungi medicine journey’s to help people connect with their intuition, inner knowing and internal instructions. As soon as you meet her, you’ll see that she’s a deeply rooted and earthy being. Roos pulls from many schools of thought to weave sacred healing spaces infused with her Psychology education and her work in Tantra and Conscious Sexuality, Breathwork and Psychedelics, as well as the Art of Gathering.

She runs medicine journey retreats, tantra retreats, and facilitates 1-on-1 coaching trajectories. Roos works with clients to embrace their naked truth and follow nature’s guiding principles to purify whatever needs to be purified – which ultimately always results in the frequency of pure love.